Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my site.

I’m a single mother, author, writer, actor and poet. I was born in Canada, raised Jamaican and I live in Texas — call it complicated. I LOVE helping others (see http://passion2give.org/) —  it’s definitely my passion. I’m terrified of rats and clowns (pray for me). I am a simple, imperfect, everyday girl — I’ve had a lot of ups and plenty downfalls. Life is one big learning process, a test, and no one gets every answer right.

 I’m willing to share my story in hopes of encouraging those imperfect people, like me. The outcasts, the sometimes forgotten, the voices waiting to be heard – REAL everyday people, perfectly flawed.

I believe that everyone has a story worth sharing. Often times, we’re too afraid of being judged by others so we keep our testimonies to ourselves – but what if your story wasn’t only written for you?