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Don’t Miss Your Exit!

Have you ever driven through a really bad rain storm? The kind where all you can see are raindrops covering your windshield. If you’re anything like me (hopefully you’re not) I panic in storms! I tense up and place both hands on the steering wheel as I carefully focus on the car in front of me. Ok, maybe you’re a pro at driving in the rain. What about the fog? When all you can see are the taillights of the car in front of you – that’s where your focus remains, right? Right! That’s how some of us ride through life … always focused on the lights in front of us. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of this!
I love to help people. In fact, I get a rush from hearing others’ visions and dreams … and I get even more excited to see those things come to life. I LOVE IT! Watching the beauty of passion and creativity ignite into greatness makes me happy. To help with the process is even more fulfilling – it takes me no time to jump right in and get my hands dirty. I’m always helping people … and I love it!!!
Here’s the problem – I stay so focused on those “taillights” that often times I miss my own exit. Did I lose you? I’ll repeat (or re-type lol). At times, I stay so focused on the taillights in front of me that I end up missing my OWN exit. What happens when you’re following the car in front of you (in the fog) and they end up making an unexpected turn? You can no longer see their taillights … you missed your own turn because you were so focused on theirs … you’re lost … your GPS stops working … your phone is dead … you’re alone … and you end up late to your destination … if you even make it there at all. I hope you understand what I’m saying.
It’s great to help others. I actually believe that we were all created to support each other with our visions and dreams. After all, no one can do anything alone. Everyone needs help and everyone needs a team. However, we can’t lose ourselves because we’re so invested in everyone else’s plans. Every individual on this planet was created to be great. God didn’t create you to be in the shadow of someone else, He created you to do and be so much more than you could ever imagine. Sometimes we get stuck in someone else’s dreams (work, ministry etc.) and we never activate our own potential. I’m not saying to stop helping others – I’m saying don’t remain so focused on those in front of you that you forget what you have inside of you.
Don’t miss your exit! Don’t get stuck in the shadow of someone else! Be confident! Be great! Be you!


Photo credit: Gerado Alvarez

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