The Rollover

There was a sudden flash. I could almost feel the heat of its brightness as the light flooded my vehicle. My lungs gasped for air as my brain anxiously tried to process what was happening. There was a soft whisper, though the word never made it past my lips, it immediately silenced the chaotic response brewing within me as I uttered the name – Jesus. It was in that moment that time seemed to “take a break” lol. I felt my car rise into the air and land on its back. Gravity was graceful in that moment. As I landed I heard the violent sound of metal scraping concrete, but as the car flipped it felt like I was floating and everything was in slow motion. This happened four times. Each time the car “floated” into the air I heard my heart whisper the name of Jesus. Finally, it was on roll number five that I felt an urgency to whisper something else — a plea. I said, “Jesus, if this car hits that concrete one more time I’m dead.” Well, as you can see roll number five didn’t kill me. I’m so grateful to be here with you – sharing my story!
Car accidents are scary, life-changing events … but they happen all the time, right? So why am I making a big deal out of mine? After all, I survived! Here’s the thing – before my accident I thought that I was living a pretty good life. I felt like I was working towards everything that I had been called to do. Great kids, great church, cool friends and good job. It wasn’t until I was “floating” in the air that I realized that I hadn’t even begun to activate the potential within me. All these years, all of my hard work … just to find out that I’d been living a life of mediocrity. It was there in the moment when I was forced to look death in the eyes that I recognized the greatness within me – and I finally started to believe it. Fine time, huh?
Remember that fifth roll (what seemed to be a mid-air experience) when I told God that if He allowed me to hit the concrete one more time that I would die? Well, not to freak you out (if I haven’t already) but there was a response. It was the softest, yet loudest whisper I’d ever heard. The voice replied, “Are you sure?” Ummm…. God, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go out like this! That would have been my response any other time, but in that split second I understood what God was really asking me. He was asking:
“Are you sure you’re ready to maximize what I have put inside of you?”
“Are you sure that you are ready to trust me in all things – not just some?”
“Are you sure that if I give this life back to you, my breath won’t be wasted?”
“Are you sure that you are ready to start LIVING?”
Wow. It gives me chills to even write this. As cliché as it may sound, that car accident was my wake-up call. It surpasses anything that I have ever experienced – and if you follow my blogs you know that I’ve been through some pretty crazy things. It has altered my perspective in such a way that words cannot even describe. The car accident was horrible and I’m still dealing with the physical, mental and emotional aftermath. But the experience and the lesson that came from it was absolutely beautiful. I’m grateful to be alive … truly ALIVE.
You don’t have to be a believer to understand that life is a gift. You may think that my encounter was all in my mind, and that’s okay. The truth is, we should all be living life to our highest potential. For me, God used the accident to get my attention. Now, I’m determined to answer all four questions above with a solid YES. How about you? Are you maximizing your potential daily? What if that were you “floating in the air” – would you be sure?
Don’t wait until your wake-up call to recognize the greatness within you. You were called to do so much more than you are doing right now. Yes, even if you’re successful. God never stops challenging our potential because He knows how much He put inside of us! Exceedingly, abundantly and above all that we could ever ask or think! That’s a whole lot of potential if you ask me.
Do something you never thought you could do – and be great! Appreciate life! Live NOW!

Kathy 


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    Brittney Williams says

    God has so much planned for you… Happiness… Love… Security… Increase… Most of all… Others are waiting for you to touch there lives. I love you! Great read… Amazing testimony

    • Reply
      SincerelyKathy says

      Thank you for reading!!! Love you!

  2. Reply
    Tiffany says

    I didn’t know thank you for sharing. Love you to the moon and back.

    • Reply
      SincerelyKathy says

      Thank you for reading!!!! Love you!

  3. Reply
    Meme Johnson says

    …just WOW! This blessed me Kat.

    • Reply
      SincerelyKathy says

      Thanks for reading and sharing!!!

  4. Reply
    Que says

    You really worked the pen on this one sis!! God’s undying love for us wonderfully expressed!!

    • Reply
      SincerelyKathy says

      Thank you!!!!!!!!

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    Adrienne A says

    Good read. Glad your okay!!!

    • Reply
      SincerelyKathy says

      Thank you!

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    Tanya says

    Wow! Such an awesome testimony. Truly moving! God is so wonderful and his unchanging hand is truly a blessing to us all. Thanks for sharing! All praises to God for keeping you and allowing you to share your touching story.

    • Reply
      SincerelyKathy says

      Thank you so much!!!!

      Many Blessings,


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